Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm not a cat person

I'm not a cat person.  ???
I'm not a cat person. I never have been. Well, actually, when I was a young girl I loved cats. If I remember correctly, my grandmother said that I requested a blue cat birthday cake at some point in my childhood. (Maybe that's made up, IDK). I had a stuffed animal cat that I carried around until it was thread-barren. I used to chase kitties around my neighborhood, but that was when I was little. I must have had a run-in with a cat at some point, because I remember that for most of my life I have NOT been a cat person. In fact, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I hated cats.

Ziggy waiting to be adopted
So why is it now, I have a cat? Not just any cat. Ziggy. Ziggy is the BEST cat. He's fat and fluffy. He can be sweet, but will scratch the crap out of me if he is done having his neck rubbed. He won't cuddle, but wants to be within 2 feet of me most of the time. He stays near my feet and I'm convinced that one day he will trip me and I'll be an old cat lady with a broken hip.I have this cat because my friend, Gabby, needed a collar for her cat and we decided to visit a nearby PetSmart. If you weren't aware, Animal Welfare Inc helps assist in the adoption of pets through PetSmart. Guess who was at PetSmart that lucky night? Yup, Ziggy. So . . . Gabby, my daughter, Laura and my friend, Robert, all thought that I should just get Ziggy that night. Uhhh . . . No . . . I'm NOT cat person! Secretly, I left that night with the cat on my mind. It took me over a month to get over myself and adopt that sweet boy.

Ziggy on alert
I recently got a new office desk. It's positioned right next to a double window overlooking my front yard. Ziggy has decided to stake claim to this desk, along with the windowsill, as HIS domain. Considering that I work from home, I'm wondering if I can consider him my assistant. He definitely helps. He alerts me to any stranger danger lurking. He actually growls like a dog if someone walks in our yard or parks their car in front of our house for too long. The funniest thing that he does is pull down the window blind if he can't get the view he needs. Needless to say, this cat keeps me entertained, if not sometimes a little distracted when I'm trying to work.

Have you noticed? I love this damn cat! Not just like him. I LOVE him. Ziggy has brought such joy and silliness to my life. He makes me laugh daily. He has brought such a calming presence to my home. And now, I've reduced myself to taking stupid pics and posting them on Facebook and Instagram. Yes, I'm one of "those people". 

Ok, so maybe I'm a cat person. I guess it's not the worst thing I could be.

If you are interested in becoming a cat or dog person, or if you already are one, consider adopting one of these FURever friends. Contact Animal Welfare, Inc., P. O. Box 4797, Shreveport, Louisiana 71134-0797, (318) 221-0053, Gloria Freeman, President. 

My cat's approach to lizard catching

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