Sunday, March 20, 2011

Women who challenge me - part 1

I've always been a shy gal. I grew up hiding behind my mom and grandma's legs. As an adult I've struggled over the years with my shyness. Friends who get to know me find this hard to believe. After you get to know me, I'm anything but shy. In fact, friends laugh at the thought.

My early adult years were especially hard. I remember taking months to renew my drivers license because I would have to speak to someone at the counter. I was kind of a loner and often found myself eating lunch in my car so I wouldnt have to eat alone in the presence of others. In my mid-thirty's I decided that I'd had enough. I was assigned as a co-writer on a technical rule book committee. Afterward, I found myself as a trainer implementing the rules in training classes to railroad men. My fear of public speaking was tremendous. My face would get red, I couldn't breathe, and hives spread across my neck. But with this new assignment, I knew I'd have to overcome. I attended a workshop given by an awesome lady, Julie Hile. Julie knew exactly what I needed to get me motivated. She was a fabulous coach and to this day I still find myself thinking about some of the techniques that she introduced to me. Julie empowered me to look beyond my fears and I was able to facilitate many training classes In the years to come.

I'm still frightened to get in front of a group, but each time that I do I gain more confidence. Julie helped me turn a corner in my life. Not only did she help me gain self-assuredness, but she helped me see my potential for future career opportunities. I'm not sure if Julie knows how much she impacted my life. I am truly thankful for Julie, who challenged me to face my shyness.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still thinking . . .

Haven't started my blog just yet. I'm formulating my thoughts because they are sometimes quite random. It is a bit revealing to let people read and comment on a blog. There is that fine line between "interesting" and "too much information". I definitely want to stay in the "interesting" category.

I do have a blog that focuses on my time as a volunteer Bossier Chamber of Commerce Diplomat. It basically celebrates and promotes businesses in the Bossier and Shreveport Community. Take a look